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Ramblings From The Road


Ramblings has been suspended until further notice.

Here's the complete archive of Patti's Ramblings From The Road:

September, 2010 Beautiful Los Angeles, beautiful Connecticut.
April, 2010 The contest.
February, 2010 Back on the road.
November, 2009 Appliances, Atwood, and Australia
April, 2009 Happy Spring
August, 2008 Reflections on the Tony and Gypsy.
May, 2008 Gypsy rehearsals and a flying Audi.
February, 2008 Northern California vacation
December, 2007 Modesto, Miami, and the holidays.
July, 2007 Deep in rehearsals. "For me!"
May, 2007 Rehearsals with Mandy Patinkin; bottlenose dolphins
March, 2007 In search of ancestors; Los Angeles for "Mahagonny"
November, 2006 Northern California; San Francisco
September, 2006 Opera; Bank of America
July, 2006 Family murder mystery.
April, 2006 Ben Magnuson, the wonderful Anthony, and the State of our Consciousness.
February, 2006 Winter and Diana DiMarzio.
January, 2006 Front row antics.
October, 2005 Sweeney rehearsals.
June, 2005 Pimps in Spring.
April, 2005 The Pacific Northwest.
February, 2005 Pittsburgh.
January, 2005 Happy New Year!
December, 2004 Politeness counts: the airport screening.
November, 2004 On the road.
September, 2004 Ravinia Festival; the First Amendment.
August, 2004 Vacation.
June, 2004 Northern California.
May, 2004 Birthday thanks, and Candide.
March, 2004 Mohegan Sun.
February, 2004 Florida.
January, 2004 Adventures in Italy.
December, 2003 Puerto Vallarta.
November, 2003 Still obsessed with Spain.
October, 2003 Barcelona.
September, 2003 Rehearsals in Ravinia for "Passion".
August, 2003 Fire.
July, 2003 Busy selling.
June, 2003 About the memorabilia auctions.
May, 2003 Christmas and New Year's.
April, 2003 Southern California; restaurants galore.
February, 2003 Cruising and hiking.
January, 2003 Casinos and "In-Laws".
November, 2002 Mom's soup recipe
October, 2002 Chicken soup ruminations
September, 2002 Summer in South Carolina
June, 2002 Restaurant picks, Noises' end
April, 2002 Flying and pilots
February, 2002 Winter Olympics and Cap'n Patti
January, 2002 Happy New Year!
November/December, 2001 Noises Off, and a lot to be thankful for
September, 2001 The Ravinia Festival
August, 2001 San Francisco, hot, hot, hot.
July, 2001 Camping adventures.
June, 2001 The Mother From Hell?
May, 2001 Baseball!
April, 2001 Nothin' could be finer than to be in Carolina...
March, 2001 John Turturro and Monday Night Mayhem
February, 2001 Adventures of the Argentina Turner Review.
January, 2001 Hot Pots, athletes, and home.
November, 2000 It's Thanksgiving. Time to give thanks.
October, 2000 Truth Lies, Summer & Fall, Bundle up Dolls.
September, 2000 I have wanderlust. All I want to do is travel.
August, 2000 I'm just a beach bum at heart, Dolls.
July, 2000 Hey! I guess that's why they call it New England!
June, 2000 Westward ho.
May, 2000 I love this country, it's so beautiful and so weird.
April, 2000 There are 8 new baby chicks at the LayZLay.